Lacey was raised with the notion to 'work hard but play even harder; always put family first; and always give 100% to anything you choose to do with your life - follow your passion.' 

Keeping this always in the back of her mind, she earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Marketing before starting on with Ulmer Chevrolet in Lloydminster back as a summer student in 2006.  Upon completion of her degree, she started on full time with them and dedicated the next 6 years to working, learning the business, and evolving into the role of Marketing Manager.  The car industry taught her the value of working with people and the importance of exceptional customer service; and it will always hold a special place in her heart.  In 2014, her husband had a work transfer opportunity which they decided to jump on here in Sherwood Park as they too just found out they would be expecting their first child.  One thing led to the next, and what started as a hobby many years ago had by now developed into a great passion that she felt she needed to explore further.  She still gets excited every time she goes on a shoot, and works hard to evoke raw emotion while capturing special moments for others.  



Kris started snapping pictures when he began capturing moments for the Ryley Rebels baseball team years ago.  After earning his Bachelor of Physical Education in Physical Activity and Sport Performance, Kris spent the next ten years working in the health, fitness and recreation industry in Edmonton before turning to photography full time in November 2015. Kris often cites his late father as an inspiration to follow his creative pathway into photography after growing up as the subject of dozens...and dozens of family photo albums.