Hey there! Thanks for popping by!

I trust you are finding what you are after, but since we likely haven’t met, yet - I want to take a quick moment to introduce myself - who I am, what I am about, and what I would love to do for you- your family - your life!

 I think the first thing that describes me, is my passion. Passion is my life! And once you meet me, you will know how much heart and dedication I put into every shoot, every client, every opportunity clients give me, to capture special milestones. I like to have fun, be a quirk, LAUGH! I am constantly seeking out moments in my own life - moments to cherish, moments to remember, moments that fill my heart to the brim. Knowing this for myself, this is what I strive to do for everyone around me.

Think about it - How often do you get photos done? If you are like most - not often - and for many, they come see me with it being their first time. THAT IS OKAY. I get the nerves, not knowing where to look, stand, position - but don’t worry. I will guide you; but more so, I will prompt you to guide yourself into what feels natural. Nobody wants to look stiff in a photograph - your true beauty and self shines in those candid moments, those moments when you just let go, and embrace a moment for what it is. Whether I am shooting your wedding, big family gathering, lifestyle, maternity, fresh 48, cake smash or anything of the sort - THESE are ALL big moments for you! I get it - and that is why I work exceptionally hard to make and capture these with integrity, fun, and a fresh look. I want to create images you cherish - images that just looking at them, takes you back to how you felt in that exact moment. Life changes, but it is a gathering of all these amazing moments that helps fuel us as we continue forward, but cherish time as it is, today.

One thing I often see is during certain shoots, the stresses we take upon ourselves and let it affect our day…..we can’t control everything. Heck, I have shot weddings where the weather is the EXACT opposite of what clients hoped for, or that ooooone person who is making everything difficult in your planning process which is making you want to scream because you just want to enjoy YOUR day as you envision….I have done the family sessions with kids crying and fussing….or things that just happen - what I like to call, real life! lol. But I want you to know, that all of these extra stress points for you, is where I like to think, I shine. I love to work to KNOW my clients. What is important to you, what is YOUR big vision, what do YOU want - and that is what I work to create, despite any setback. Despite all the things we cannot control on a shoot, I work to bring certainty through the many tricks up my sleeve. I want you to look back and LOVE what we have created together, the moments we captured together no matter what happens- even if it isn’t ‘exactly to plan’. That’s where a lot of the creativity and fun comes from!

As a life long learner, I am constantly looking to take in the latest workshops, videos, courses, and books to learn new tricks, and experiences that push me to learn more…do more, for you. So, if you think we would be a good fit to creating something amazing together, I would love an opportunity to work with you. But more so, get to know you (and your family), relationships are everything, and I hold every client near and dear to me. I am so incredibly grateful to do what I love, live my passion, learn, and just put my heart out there. Being able to create, I feel, is of the highest blessing in this life. To do that everyday, I am forever thankful.