It was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture Tessa and Warren's big day a couple of weeks ago in a small ceremony held on the homestead that the happy couple will start their lives together on. 

As with most small town weddings, it was truly fantastic to see a large number of people from the community in which Tessa and Warren call home join them and their family to celebrate. The meal was prepared locally, and if you have ever been to a small town wedding you know just how good those suppers with locally grown food are.

One of the most amazing things we get to capture as photographers is the first time the groom gets to see the bride. Tessa and Warren had a spectacular first look prior to the ceremony that showcased how deeply in love these two are. 

We want to wish Tessa, Warren and their one year old son Brody all of the best in the future and congratulations on your special day! Thank you for letting us capture your love for one another.