The Powerline Baseball League (PBL) is a senior men's baseball league with roots that date back to the 1930's in the east central Alberta region. 

On Tuesday August 2, the league began it's 2016 Championship Series as the Rosalind Athletics took on the Armena Royals. The best of three series was won by the Rosalind Athletics, giving the small hamlet south east of Camrose it's first PBL Championship. 

The highlight of the series was the deciding game three which took two days to complete due to darkness and was dubbed 'The Greatest Game Ever Played' on the league's website. A total of sixteen innings were played over the two days with the Rosalind Athletics finally emerging with the 9-8 win and the championship. 

Game One | Rosalind Athletics (9) at Armena Royals (6) 

Game Two | Armena Royals (6) at Rosalind Athletics (0)

Game Three | Rosalind Athletics (9) at Armena Royals (8) F/16

The link below will direct you to our online gallery of images captured during game one, game two and the first day of game three. We hope that you enjoy the photos and get a sense of what the great game of baseball looks like in these small communities in Alberta. 

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