Last month we had to say goodbye to our ten year old malamute/sheppard, Zeus. The cancer that invaded his body became too aggressive and too much to overcome. In mid-August he was diagnosed with cancer as a soft tissue sarcoma grew on his right hip and in mid-September we were told that the cancer has spread to his lymph nods. Ever since we rescued him we always felt that we were giving him a great second chance to have a happy life. Even after we found out that he was suffering from hip dysplasia which would more than likely cause him some loss of quality of life as he aged. As a giant breed (or breeds) of dog we also assumed that ten years was going to be a significant milestone for him and his hip dysplasia, it just sucks that something like cancer had to be the reason why he needed to go. 

Some final goodbyes

I have a little sales pitch for you to read. When it was time to make the decision to let him go, we had nothing but tremendous support from our vet and the staff at Vets To Go. Between making the decision and when it was time we had numerous supports from them to make sure any questions we had would be answered, even if we needed help breaking the news to our two year old and five year old. The care and compassion that was shown definitely made the process easier and much more calming then we expected. The amount that they cared about our well being was evident in the unscheduled check up calls just to see how we were doing while we waited and the condolence notes we received afterwards were very thoughtful. We can’t thank the staff at Vets To Go enough for everything they have done over the last few years from our regular vet appointments and check ups to saying goodbye to Zeus. 

While we never really did official pet portraits with our dogs, I am happy I took a lot of photos of our dogs over the years. Sometimes I would use them as subjects to test our different camera settings, lighting settings or just video functions on a phone or app. Other times I would try to capture them being seemingly much more agile and athletic then they perhaps really were. The dogs always seemed to be more calm and able to take better instructions then a couple of busy little kids, although both would get equally distracted by the squirrels in our yard.  

So take lots of photos of those furry members of your family! Capture all the details of their life as they experience things like snow for the first time. Get photos of them interacting with kids as something that they can look back upon if they are too young to remember at the time. Through the photos you take you'll be able to capture your dog's personality and quirks that made them who they are and I guarantee you that you will be glad that you took as many as you could. 

Here are some of our favourite photos of Zeus from the last ten years.