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Instagram Inspiration

I have found Instagram to be a great source of inspiration for me since joining the social media platform in June 2015 (late to the party I know). Since they I feel like the way I envision, plan and shoot photos has drastically improved due to the constant stream of inspiration from photographers locally and across the globe. 

October 31, 2016 stats from

October 31, 2016 stats from

Instagram has a lot of users of which more than 500,000,0000 use the platform monthly and 300,000,000 are checking their feeds daily. The 95,000,000 photos and videos posted each and every day are liked 4,200,000,000 times! The amount of content that is out there is astonishing and includes photos/videos right from a mobile device all the way up to carefully edited photos of heavily curated accounts. 

With that amount of activity and that wide spectrum of users, it is quite easy to find inspiration and to see things that make you as a photographer (casual or professional) want to learn and continue to grow. 

In no particular order, here are some of the Instagram accounts that I find myself checking almost daily for new content. 


TRICIA VICTORIA | @triciavictoriaphotography |

In June 2010 Tricia was the photographer that my wife and I chose for our wedding. She was just starting out but had already shown what an immense talent in photography she had. Today her work gets routinely featured in some of the best wedding magazines in the industry and she is a part of the amazing We Three Workshops. Aside for the sheer beauty of her images and that amazing look - I am inspired by her path to success as a local photographer and how hard work pays off. 


I feel that the Travel Alberta account has the best of the best from across the province. They highlight and share photographers work to over 402,000 followers and they do so by picking some of the best photos. Mountains, prairies, cities, wild life and weather. I find myself looking at these images and saying "I've been there before, but I've never seen that look so good". Something that photographers all strive for when someone is looking at their work. 


CAREY NASH | @careynash |

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy looking at Carey's work. The portraits, the landscapes, the style and the locations. Alway amazing backgrounds. While he doesn't solely post black and white images I think his black and white portraits are absolutely stunning. Another highly sought after local photographer who I admire greatly. 


ANDREW T KEARNS | @andrewtkearns |

I actually first came across Andrew's work on YouTube as he has a daily VLOG about his life as a photographer and the journey that it takes him on in the Pacific North West area. I was hooked at his ability to push himself to be creative every day, specifically with the vlog. His work is amazing from his landscapes to his portraits in one of the nicest areas, the Seattle area, on planet Earth. 


The Junebug Weddings account description reads "empowering couples around the world with the inspiration and resources to create a celebration worthy of their love". I think it is bang on for what the account posts to over 268,000 followers. Amazing wedding photos from around the world in a style that I thoroughly enjoy. Looking though the account gives you a great sense of the creativity out there for weddings and the photographers behind those stunning images. 


As someone who gravitates towards the candid and photojournalistic approach to photography, Jenna's Instagram account is something I am envious of. She has beautiful images in a great high contrast style of her life. They are the little moments that happen to all of us but she captures them with such style that they make you push yourself as a photographer to capture those seemingly meaningless moments that turn into cherished memories. 


Edmonton and it's surrounding area is quite beautiful and a great account to get to experience the beauty and the photographers who take these images is YEGGERS. The YEGGERS account takes photos from photographers out shooting landmarks, weather and events in and around the city of Edmonton. A very cool thing that YEGGERS does is host Instameets. It is an opportunity to join a group of creative photographers and go for a photo walk. 


The Vancouver based Lululemon has a great account which combines their product, the people that use their product and the communities that these people are in. There is some fantastic photography throughout the account and it captures their product beautifully. Community events throughout the country get highlighted in the account as well. Locally, the Lululemon YEG account takes all of the great things the main account has and showcases Edmonton and the people in Edmonton who support Lululemon. 


Kara is a boudoir photographer based out of Austin, Texas who uses natural light to create amazing portraits. I find her work extremely natural with limited editing processes keeping the portraits simple and the women she photographs beautiful. Her account combines some great behind the scenes photos all in the same magnificent style. 


HAYLEY GARNETT | @th3littlestavenger

As a parent I find capturing my kids extremely joyful yet extremely hit and miss. Hayley's work seems to always be a hit through her candid shots of her family's adventures. She has an incredible style and the collection of images makes you feel a part of her family. Imagine her little ones being able to look back at all of the images when they are older and how great it will be. 


GETTY IMAGES SPORT | @gettysport |

Perhaps the gold standard in sports photography, Getty Images has photographers at sporting events across the world capturing the biggest moments and making lasting memories of those moments for fans. The best photography equipment in the world and some of the best sports photographers in the world leave us with awesome images.


Johany photographs the Canadian Football League (CFL) and sold everything she had to pursue a dream. In 2015 Johany started a journey that took her across the country shooting CFL games and putting together the Our League Our Country photo book which culminated at the 2015 Grey Cup. The book and her account showcases the CFL, the game of football and the fans who enjoy the Canadian game. 


JOHN ROBERTSON | @johnrobertsoncbc

I met John at a YEGGERS Instameet in 2015 and I have been addicted to his account ever since. John uses only his iPhone to capture the everyday sights of Edmonton and his life as a video journalist. It is inspiring to see someone use only a phone and their imagination to make awesome photos daily. 


CORY JOHNN | @coryjohnn |

I have been blown away by Cory's work since the first day that I joined Instagram. Cory was the first person to like one of my posts which caused me to to click on his name to see his work. Amazing landscapes with an awesome moody style to his images. Looking at his work instantly makes me want to pack up and head to the mountains. 


ANDY KENUTIS | @vikingsphotog

I am not a Minnesota Vikings fan but the work of team photographer Andy Kenutis is simply stunning. It is a great mixture of game action, big moments and behind the scenes looks at the players and the organization. His account is inspiring to me as both a sports fan and a photographer because he brings the players and fans close through his images.