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Photo Location - University of Alberta


Photo Location - University of Alberta

Late in the fall I spent some time walking around the University of Alberta (north campus) looking for some photo spots. I had spent four years at the University from 2001-2005 where I earned my Bachelors of Physical Education degree but I never spent too much time walking around the campus, especially the northern part…of the north campus. The University of Alberta or U of A or UAlberta has a nice mixture of old architecture with new and modern designs as the campus continues to grow. Changes I noticed since I was a student include a whole new Hanson Fitness & Lifestyle Centre, Wilson Climbing Centre, Saint Joseph College Women’s Residence, a renovated exterior to the Student Union Building and finally numerous changes to the residences in the Garneau area on the east end of the campus as well as the the new structures built in the medical sciences area of campus. When I was a student at the University the biggest change was the completion, or near completion, of the LRT expansion from HUB Mall to the Health Sciences area. 

While a lot has changed in a decade there is still a lot of old history and historic buildings around campus, especially towards Saskatchewan Drive. This is where we focused our search for some photo locations. I would highly recommend walking around campus during a weekend as it is much more quiet without a lot of stressed out students roaming around. In the fall we only walked around the north/north eastern part of  campus but I definitely want to go back when we get a fresh blanket of snow to see what some of these buildings look like with snow on them. When you are on the northern side of campus you have a nice trail along Saskatchewan Drive and the River Valley as well as quick access to Emily Murphy Park and William Hawrelak Park to the west as well as to the east you have the Old Strathcona area. Perhaps the crown jewel of the University campus is Rutherford House which was the first home of Alberta’s first Premier, Alexander Rutherford. It is now a provincial historical site and a great piece of the history of Edmonton. 

Here are some photos of the campus I captured during our walk for you to enjoy. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.36.29 PM.png

The Rutherford House (C7 on map)

Photos above taken around Earth Sciences Building (C5) as well as Tory Building area (C6)

Faculty of Arts Building (D6)

The brick buildings around campus are hot spots for wedding and engagement photos

Dentistry/Pharmacy Building (E5/6)

The main transit road through campus (E5/6)

St Joes College (F5)